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WSM Socials

The quarterly community get together 

What are Socials?

Once a quarter, WSM will run an internal community event that will focus on building connections through breaking bread, playing games and jamming. 

What is the core objective? 

The core objective of Socials is to create a safe place for creatives to network. The way the Mixtape runs, there isn’t a lot of space to meet people after a show ends. Through socials, we can be intentional and create a proper environment focused solely on networking which wasn’t previously possible. 

How Socials will run

Once a quarter, the profits generated by The Mixtape will go towards hiring a space for the community

meet-up. Each event will have an open mic, games tables and various ice-breaking activities. There won’t be a fixed structure to the events. Instead, attendees will be free to gravitate around the space and interact with the various activities as they see fit. 

Food contribution pool

There is no entrance cost. Instead, money will be contributed towards the Food Pool. This amount of money is decided on by the attendee at checkout. Money contributed to the Food Pool will be used to buy food and drinks for the night. 

How often do Socials occur?

Currently, Socials is in its trial stage. There will be three socials in 2023, one in May, one in August and one in November. If Socials is well received, they could happen as consistently as every two months in 2024.

Calendar 2.png

Getting involved in Socials

In its infancy stage, WSM Socials will only be accessible to those involved with The Mixtape; this includes The WSM Core Team, volunteers, artists who have previously taken the stage and our friends in the space. 

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