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An artist launchpad

What is the Mixtape?

Think of The Mixtape as the central part of the WSM ecosystem. Everything revolves around, interacts with, and exists because of The Mixtape. The Mixtape is an artist showcase hosted on the last Friday of every month at Gsus4 in Rydalmere, featuring five artists from around Sydney.

What is the core objective? 

The Mixtape, at its core, is a launchpad for artists who are starting out. We assist with portfolio building, providing stage recordings and professional photography. We have created a safe stage for artists to develop their skills in performing for a live audience. At the end of events, artists can expect to leave with bigger networks. 

An artist showcase not just an open mic 

The Mixtape was built as an artist showcase, not an open mic. Artists are given 20-minute stages with an excellent sound system and a live audience to perform their art in front of. Each artist gets an equal spotlight and enough time to properly showcase their artistry. There are no headlining artists at the show. 

Access to WSM Socials

Getting involved as an artist in The Mixtape gives you access to our latest project WSM Socials. A quarterly networking event focused on building connections through breaking bread, jamming and ice-breaking activities. The profits of The Mixtape fund these events.

What we look for in artists 

At The Mixtape, we’re looking for artists with a story we can invest in. That means someone with a why behind what they do and a passion for the art they produce. Each year we can showcase 40 artists between February and September, making the selection process challenging. We want to give the right people this opportunity, artists that will benefit the most from jumping onto The Mixtape stage. The audition form has been created to encourage applicants to write about themselves and their art. We want to know why you do what you do and how The Mixtape will benefit your journey as an artist. 

Rates for solo acts

$80 for a 20 - minute set 

$2 commission for every ticket sold 

Free lunch and drinks 

Professional photography 

A recording of your entire set 

Getting involved as an artist 

The Mixtape runs from February to September, taking a break from October to January for holidays. In November, artist auditions open, with applications being reviewed the first week of January. Across 8 Mixtape events, we can showcase 40 artists.

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